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App Name: Binemon
2.9.2 android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-18
The description of Binemon

Binemon is an adventure exploration versus game with rich gameplay modes. The graphics in Binemon are very cool, and players can choose different characters and positions to enter the game. In the course of adventure of the game, we will face very severe challenges. The attributes of different levels are different, so we can carry out targeted layout according to the characteristics of our own characters, and constantly carry out challenges in the game to complete the challenges at various stages.


The first 5 phases

Phase 01: Prometheus
– Turn Eggs into Binemons
– Fusion: merging Binemons
– Inventory to organize your Binemons
– 5 Binemon Classes: Fighter, Archer, Mage, Tank, Support

Phase 02: Artemis
– Leveling up Binemon
– PvE Binemon Battle
– Campaign: complete quests to receive rewards and unlock new features
– Skill system

Phase 03: Athena
– PvP Binemon Battle
– Friend list

Phase 04: The Babel
– PVE – Tower: defeat NPC on each level to receive prizes
– Gears (Weapon, Armor, etc)
– PVP – Tournament: earn higher ranks and rewards
– Gifting: send gifts to your Friends

Phase 05: Ares
– Reward System
– PVE – Dungeons: complete Dungeons to earn rewards.
– Guild
– BineLand GvG: battles between Guilds to seize land on the map
– Farm System


Binemon Features

A wonderful game that combines many elements, gastronomy, synthesis, RPG, etc. are all very interesting.

Upgrade your pets through synthesis to gain stronger strength. Let’s explore the world together.

Six vast continents are full of unknown opportunities and dangers.

Binemon is a meme NFT mobile game that combines various genres such as collection, gashapon, role-playing, adventure and idle.

You can assemble an army of cute and funny meme 3D pets and blend them together to create even cuter and fun pets.

There is a huge open world called BineLand for you to explore, play and earn money.

There are many ways to play in the game, each of which can bring you fun.

The biggest feature is that the hatched pets can be traded freely. Based on the blockchain, your pets can be sold for money.

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Additional Information

Category: Adventure , games Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-05-18


Publish Date 2023-05-18
bug fixes

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