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App Name: CapCut
8.3.0 android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-22
The description of CapCut

Cap Cut app was renamed from the original Viamaker. A name change brings more than just a name change. The latest version of CapCut is more powerful in terms of functionality, which can meet users’ various needs in video clips. Users can edit content according to their own habits. CapCut is a versatile editing application that lets your short video clips appear in popular Tiktok content. If you are interested, download CapCut!



1. Easy to use
Cutting variable speed reverse, the function is easy to learn, leaving every wonderful moment.
· “Cutting” quickly and freely split the video, and cut the video with one click.
· “Variable speed” 0.2 times to 4 times, the rhythm can be controlled freely.
· “Rewind” to go back in time and experience different videos.
· “Canvas” can be switched in various proportions and colors at will.
· “Transition” supports multiple effects such as dissolve, flash black, mirror movement, special effects, etc.
2. Sticker text
Exquisite and beautiful stickers and fonts, add some fun to your video.
· “Stickers” exclusively design hand-painted stickers, there is always one that suits your little mood.
· “Font” You can choose from various styles of fonts, subtitles and titles.
“Voice to subtitle” automatically recognizes the voice, and adds subtitles to your video with one click.
3. Rich and nice
Massive music library, exclusive copyright songs
· “Music library” Massive music library, exclusive Douyin songs.
· “Voice changing” changes “voice” loli, uncle, monster…
4. Advanced and good-looking
Professional-style filters, easy one-click beautification, making life bigger in a second.
· “Screen Adjustment” A variety of screen adjustment options to save your video color.
· “Filter” A variety of advanced professional style filters, so that the video is no longer monotonous.
· “Beauty” intelligently recognizes the face shape and customizes an exclusive beauty program.


+ Trim and cut videos. Professional video editor trimmer and cutter and video crop app.

+ Clipping for tiktok cutting-edge music magic filter, create exclusive Music Video, special effects that are fully synchronized with the beat of the music! Professional aesthetic video editing application.

+ Add amazing video effects like glitch effects, fire effects, etc. Intuitive Tik Tok editor for beginners.

+ Use Clipping to do magic with Clipping, or use full video clips.

+ Crop video at any ratio. Powerful movie maker and professional video editor for YouTube, Instagram, etc. The best video crop app and video editing app.

+ Crop video to remove watermark or any unwanted part.

+ Zoom in/out video.

+ Choose from cinema, square or vertical format for easy sharing to Instagram or Snapchat.

+ Crop for tiktok when setting photos or captions – Crop automatically adjusts shot cuts and filters.

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Publish Date 2023-05-22
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