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Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

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App Name: Cobra Kai: Card Fighter
1.0.15android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-29
Cobra Kai: Card Fighter
Cobra Kai: Card Fighter
Cobra Kai: Card Fighter
Cobra Kai: Card Fighter
The description of Cobra Kai: Card Fighter

Cobra Kai: Card Fighter is a cartoonish version of an RPG mobile game that uses innovative card rules to give heroes a unique way to fight. Here the player fights the monster with a selected number of three cards, and the winner is the one who executes the attack. During this time, the player’s skill card will attack the monster regardless of the match point, or you can choose to skip the turn of the attack, and instead take a defensive stance against the enemy monster attack.


Cobra Kai: Card Fighter Game Features

– All game content is free;
– There are 60 normal levels and 120 challenge levels in the game;
– You can freely match the rune combination effect for each independent hero;
– Collect card essences to strengthen the hero’s cards;
– Conquer over 60+ different monsters and earn rewards.



Cobra Kai: Card Fighter Game Guide

1. We will get nine cards (randomly distributed) before each battle. There is a number in the upper left corner of each card, which represents the size of the card. Then we click on the three cards and choose to play, and the size will be compared with the opponent’s card. Whoever wins will attack, and That is, as long as you keep winning, you can keep attacking until you kill your opponent. After each attack, the system will randomly give us three cards to replenish our card count to nine.


2. A skill card may randomly appear in every nine cards. It is a skill owned by your hero. Skills can be learned and upgraded in the skill options outside. Only one skill card can be played each time, but as long as it is played by the opponent The cards are not skill cards with a higher skill level than yours, they are all attacked by us. There is a situation that if both of us play skill cards of the same level, this round will be canceled and the cards will be dealt directly to start the next round.


3. In addition to skill cards and basic cards, there is also a special mode in the game. The cards in this mode will have attack cards that become the special type of the hero. The heroes in the game are divided into three professions, warrior, hunter, magician. In special modes such as warriors are defensive cards. As long as the opponent’s card is smaller than yours, you can defend against the enemy’s attack, and the hunter’s card is dodge. The total number of cards is greater than the enemy’s card, you will definitely dodge the enemy’s attack. If the card is smaller than the enemy, there is a certain chance to dodge. The magician’s meditation can improve the hero’s attack ability.



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Category: Card , games Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-05-29


Cobra Kai: Card Fighter
Publish Date 2023-05-29
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