KeeTa - Meituan's New Food Delivery Platform APK 1.1.12  

App Name: KeeTa
1.1.12android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-26
The description of KeeTa

KeeTa is a food delivery app that allows users to easily order food through their mobile phones. The software provides a variety of different types of restaurants and cuisines, including Chinese food, Western food, fast food and so on. Users can choose restaurants and dishes according to their own tastes and needs, and enjoy the food after placing an order. KeeTa also provides convenient payment methods, users can pay for orders by credit card, Alipay, etc., without cash transactions. In addition, KeeTa also provides a fast food delivery service to ensure that users can receive food in the shortest possible time. In short, KeeTa is a convenient, fast and safe food delivery software, which brings great convenience to people who like food.


II. Function

A. Diversified catering options 1. Wide coverage of cooperative restaurants and merchants 2. Provide a variety of choices such as Chinese food, Western food, and fast food

B. User-friendly interface 1. Simple and intuitive user interface design 2. Convenience of search, filter and browse functions

C. Quick order and payment 1. Simplified order process 2. Support for multiple payment methods


III. Features

A. Real-time order tracking 1. Provides real-time updates on order status and delivery progress 2. Estimated delivery time display and accuracy

B. Personalized recommendations and promotional activities 1. Intelligent algorithms analyze user ordering preferences 2. Provide personalized recommended dishes and promotional activities


IV. Advantages

A. Convenient and fast ordering experience 1. Diversified catering options meet user tastes 2. Fast ordering and payment process saves time

B. Real-time order tracking increases transparency 1. Users can view order status and delivery progress at any time 2. Reminders of estimated delivery time help to arrange time reasonably

C. Personalized recommendations and promotions provide additional value 1. Users can discover new cuisines and experiences 2. Exclusive discounts and promotional offers increase user satisfaction

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Additional Information

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Publish Date 2023-05-26
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