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Bixby Assistant Voice

Bixby Voice Assistant Samsung for Android  

App Name: Bixby Assistant Voice
2.0android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-16
Bixby Assistant Voice
Bixby Assistant Voice
Bixby Assistant Voice
Bixby Assistant Voice
The description of Bixby Assistant Voice

Bixby Voice is not only a voice assistant, but also a deeply integrated AI product, a “total AI, real AI”, also known as “talking AI” by netizens. Bixby also has the ability to learn from users’ daily habits, adapts to users’ behavior through machine learning technique, and implements its own iterative update.


Carry out actions through voice commands.

Learns from our gestures and preferences to offer us better results or responses.

Adapts conversations to the context.

Offers search alternatives.

Send suggestions to adjust the voice commands.

Voice function activity reports.

Interaction page from which we can enable the voice commands and view the recently used sentences to modify them.



1. Voice

Bixby supports Samsung’s self-developed dual-engine natural language understanding module, which can understand complex commands. Unlike the broken Chinese of previous voice assistants, Bixby’s voice is extremely natural, just like talking to a real person.

2. Vision

Through Bixby, users can quickly scan the business card with the built-in camera of the mobile phone, and the business card information will be automatically entered into the address book one by one. The whole process takes less than 3 seconds. Bixby vision can also be used for translation, which will be very convenient when traveling abroad. By scanning text information such as menus, Bixby can be linked to Baidu, and users can choose the language they want to translate into. In addition, Bixby can also scan items and open the corresponding Taobao link or Baidu search.

3. Reminder

About Bixby’s reminder function An ordinary tester shared at the press conference that in the morning he gave Bixby instructions to remind him to call his mother when he got home from work. At this time, Bixby will record the location information of his home. When he gets home, Bixby will recognize the corresponding location information and remind him to call his mother.

4. Homepage

When the user says “Hi, Bixby” to the mobile phone, the Bixby assistant will be awakened, and the user will enter the Bixby home page, where the user can perform the most basic voice commands and operations. Judging from the live demonstration, the wake-up speed is also very fast, and most commands can be answered clearly without waiting for a long time.


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Bixby Assistant Voice
Publish Date 2023-05-16
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