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Racing Fever: Moto

racing fever moto  

App Name: Racing Fever: Moto
1.94.1android  xapk Updated on 2023-07-27
Racing Fever: Moto
Racing Fever: Moto
Racing Fever: Moto
Racing Fever: Moto
The description of Racing Fever: Moto

Racing Fever: Moto game has dozens of cool motorcycles, with personalized motorcycle shape customization, supplemented with speed, acceleration, handling, brakes, nitrogen and other numerical upgrades and simulation control methods. At the same time, it is complemented by brisk background music and engine roar, which combines the excitement, fun and excitement of racing to bring you an excellent 3D gaming experience.


Racing Fever Highlights

1. The exciting game plot allows you to experience the wonderful plot of fighting wits and courage with the four bosses while enjoying the thrill of racing;

2. The game supports languages of 23 different regions and countries around the world, allowing more game players to experience it easily and say goodbye to language barriers;

3. The very user-friendly private mode setting allows players to set game elements such as weather, traffic, speed and obstacles by themselves. Your game rules are made by you.


How to play

1. After downloading and installing on this site, open the game. If you are a novice, you need to create a character first, fill in the user name and country.

2. Then follow the novice guide, buy motorcycles and choose characters, and then enter the competition.

3. The brake is on the left and the accelerator is on the right. Control the orientation of the motorcycle by tilting the phone, if it is tilted to the left, the motorcycle will go to the left, otherwise it will go to the right.

4. If you successfully pass the level, you can also get rewards.

5. In the showroom, players can upgrade motorcycles.

6. Due to level restrictions, novice players can only play the competition mode, and can only unlock other modes when the level is enough.


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Additional Information

Category: games , Racing Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-07-27


Racing Fever: Moto
Publish Date 2023-07-27
bug fixes

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