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Touch it Rikka

Touch it Rikka MOD APK Android Download 2023  

App Name: Touch it Rikka
1.0.0android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-23
Touch it Rikka
Touch it Rikka
Touch it Rikka
Touch it Rikka
The description of Touch it Rikka

Touch it Rikka is a casual interactive game with extremely interesting gameplay! Touch it Rikka’s graphics are cartoonish. You can have a series of interactive adventures with the little girls in the game, and the controls are quite exciting, and there are hidden storylines to learn, so you can complete the challenges well.


Game Functions

1. Real-time interactive games allow players to have a strong sense of substitution and interact with characters more realistically.

2. There are many tasks. After completing these tasks, you can unlock more attachments and share them with other players.

3. You can participate in the Peach War with various small tasks, and you can get unlock rewards after completing them, so that you can get more interesting content.


Game Features

1. There are no complicated and difficult operation methods in the game, all kinds of gameplay are easy and simple, and the gameplay is first-class;

2. Very suitable for casual mobile games to pass the time. The game mode is rich in choices, and various props can be used at will;

3. Animation concept map: Lixia in the game is depicted as a beautiful and dreamy animation character, suitable for animation fans to play;

4. Simple operation: push the body with the buttons on the screen, Liuhua is omnipotent, recommended for adults;

5. Small memory: It is relatively small and light to install on the mobile phone, and all important Android phones can play this game;

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Additional Information

Category: Casual , games Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-05-23


Touch it Rikka
Publish Date 2023-05-23
bug fixes

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