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App Name: UNO!™
1.10.9439 android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-22
The description of UNO!™

UNO is easy to pick up because of its simple rules and gameplay, but it’s extremely fun to play! And UNO app can also automatically calculate the cards you want to play and the number of cards to touch, making the pace of the game faster, for everyone to save brain time. At the same time, a variety of theme exclusive card incarnation of a variety of rules card, so that you can freely combine and name your own rules system. You can also create your own room and get your friends involved, which is a great party game.



1.Classic games at your fingertips
New to UNO!™ or want to play your favorite card game? Hit Quick Play to start a new game with classic UNO!™ rules. Get ready for new monthly rewards and events!

2.Play with friends
Play with friends or family! Make your own house rules and do things your way. UNO!™ is a family-friendly party, making it free and easy for anyone to join!

3.Buddy Up
Find a friend or family member and partner to fight in a 2-player team. Help each other reduce your hand (or your partner) to zero and beat each other as fast as you can!

4.Connect, Chat, Shout UNO!™
Connect with your buddies at UNO! Make clubs and send gifts to each other. Have a strategy and remember to shout UNO before anyone else.

5.Each level has new challenges
Compete in World Series races and special events to win free rewards. Climb the leaderboards and show off to your friends and family! Then spin the wheel to try your luck and get free rewards every day!

6.Wild – no really
This no-holds-barred mode is as wacky as UNO!™. Forget the classic mode – house rules, two suits to play and free bonuses up to 600x as you take your coins to master! But beware, in this crazy game mode you either win big or go empty handed Homecoming! Are you up for the challenge?

7.UNO!™ Esports
The UNO!™ Mobile Community Cup 2023 US and Canada is now open! Players in the US and Canada can join a year of action-packed competition and tons of rewards! This is your chance to become an esports star!


Game Rules

1. Starting from the player on the left of the deal, the order of the cards is clockwise.

2. Players play cards according to the number, color or skill card of the first card turned out in [card library]. For example: the first card turned out is a green 7, then the player must play a green card or a card of another color with the number 7. Or the player can also play [Universal Card] or [Ace].

3. If the player does not have any cards to play, the player must draw a card from the [card library]. If you draw a card that can be played, you will play the card. If not, replace the other person to play the card.

4. Completely grab cards (touch cards)
When the color card played by any player is exactly the same as a certain card in your hand, you can play this card first not in the order of the cards, and your next player will continue to follow the card. (Because completely grabbing tiles is similar to bumping tiles in mahjong tiles, some people call it bumping tiles). When the player still has a card that is exactly the same as the card that was played after playing a color card (that is, there are 2 cards of the same color in the hand), this card can also be played (that is, there are 2 cards that are exactly the same in the hand) The same color cards can be played at the same time, which is equivalent to grabbing your own cards).

5. When the player plays the countdown card (there is only one card left after the card is played), the player will shout [UNO] (meaning there is only one card left). If the player is found by other players before the player’s next house plays the card, the player has only one card left but did not shout [UNO], the player must be fined to draw 2 cards from the [card library]. Conversely, if the player’s next house is not discovered before the card is played, the player will not be penalized.

6. The person who finishes playing the cards the fastest is the winner of the round, and the sum of the points of the remaining cards in the hands of other players is the winner’s score. And the winner will restart the next round of dealing.

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Publish Date 2023-05-22
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