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Among Us

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App Name: Among Us
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Among Us
Among Us
Among Us
Among Us
The description of Among Us

Among Us has the perfect combination of werewolf killing and multiplayer. Players start off on the spaceship, divided into pretenders and crew. What the pretender has to do is to destroy, so that the ship can not operate normally, and the ordinary crew is to repair these loopholes and find the person who has done the damage, but at the same time, we should be careful not to be killed by the pretender, so as many people as possible.


Among Us Game Detailed Rules


1. The game scene takes place on a spaceship, and the game is divided into two camps.

One side is: Crew faction (good guys)

The other side is: Imposter (werewolf/bad guys)


2. The proportion of the number of people in the camp is set by the host at the beginning. There can be up to 3 impostors, but because the condition for the victory of the impostors in the game is that when the number of impostors is the same as the number of crew members, they can win. Therefore, the game experience is poor when there are 3 impostors, and 2 impostors are more reasonable.


3. Winning and losing conditions:


Crew faction: Complete all spaceship construction tasks, or throw all impostors out of the airlock by voting (those who are voted out will have an animation of being thrown out of the spaceship)


Imposter Camp: Imposters also have two ways to win. One is to destroy the key components of the spaceship for a time-limited task. If the crew does not complete the corresponding task (repair the reactor or repair the oxygen supply device) within the specified time, the impostor will win directly. . Another way to win is to keep killing the crew until the number of impostors is the same as the crew, then you can win.


4. Game flow and special mechanism


A. Discussion session:

The discussion section is a mandatory section of the game. When someone reports the discovery of a dead body, everyone enters into the discussion and votes, and the one with the most votes is thrown out of the airlock. In addition, during the game, you can also press the emergency button to forcibly enter the game discussion. The emergency button also has a limited number of times per game.

Voting can be designated for a certain player according to the discussion, or you can skip voting when the situation is unclear. The user with the most votes (or the user with the most skipped votes) is the only result of this round of discussion. If a player gets the most votes If the number of voters is the most, the player will be thrown out of the game. If the number of skipping votes is the largest, no player will be thrown out of the airlock in this round.


B. Crew tasks:

In the game, the crew can win the game by completing all the missions. The mission content of each person is slightly different, and some missions also need to be carried out in cooperation. You can follow the instructions on the map and go there. The mission form is very simple, that is A little bit of operation, a little English foundation is enough. It should be noted that try to avoid acting alone, so that there are no witnesses when you are killed.

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Among Us
Publish Date 2023-05-25
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