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Sketch Book

Sketch Book: Drawing APP for Android  

App Name: Sketch Book
5.3.1android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-15
Sketch Book
Sketch Book
Sketch Book
Sketch Book
Sketch Book
The description of Sketch Book

Sketch Book is a very powerful painting software that simulates real brushwork experience, allowing users who are interested in art creation to draw and design on mobile phones and tablets through fingers, capacitive pens, etc. Rich brush, different models, various sense of pressure let the players draw different lines so that the creation of painting can be better. Interested users can download and install to experience!


Sketch Book Functions

• A full complement of brush types: pencils markers, airbrushes, smear and more that look and feel just like their physical counterparts

• Brushes are highly customizable so you can create just the look you want

• Guides, rulers and stroke tools support precision when you need it

• Layers with a full complement of blend modes deliver the flexibility to build up and explore drawings and color

• Purpose-built for sketching, the interface is clean and unobtrusive so you can focus on drawing


Sketch Book Features

1. Full layer support: Sketch Book can natively open and export Photoshop documents (PSD files), preserving layer names and blending modes.

2. Scan sketches: Sketch Book can turn paper-based line drawings into digital form by quickly capturing the device’s camera. It’s perfect for getting new ideas out of old graphics or transitioning to an all-digital workflow.

3. Auto save and unlimited undo

4. Radial symmetry

5. Predictive handwriting: After drawing a line, predictive handwriting technology will turn the line into a straight line. After drawing a basic shape, it transforms this shape into more precise circles, rectangles, and triangles. If you’re drawing freehand, it adds just the right amount of smoothing to those curves. Don’t need help? It can be turned off or disabled.

6. Rulers and Ellipses: Perspective is very important for drawing, and our rulers and ellipses tools help ensure that the position, size, rotation and aspect ratio are correct.



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Additional Information

Category: Apps , Art & Design Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-05-15


Sketch Book
Publish Date 2023-05-15
bug fixes

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