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ManFIT – Muscle Building Exercise, Home Workout, without Equipment  

App Name: ManFIT
1.8.8 android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-16
The description of ManFIT

ManFIT aims at reducing fat, strengthening muscle and strengthening body. It covers various lessons, including abdominal, chest, back, shoulder, arm, buttocks, legs and whole body. ManFIT is dedicated to creating a home fitness class without equipment! Users can have a special workout plan at home, and can also customize their own exercise reminders.



1. Fat reduction plan – eliminate cellulite and reduce body fat. Achieve weight loss and fat burning goals through low-to-medium-intensity full-body training!

Whole body-vigorous fat burning: burn fat all over the body, stimulate physical vitality, improve cardiopulmonary function and physical fitness.

2. Muscle-increasing special training – high-intensity intensive training, through abdominal, chest, shoulder, arm, back, leg and hip muscle group training, to achieve muscle growth and shaping!

Abdominal Muscles-Advanced Sculpting: Let you have beautiful abdominal muscles and stronger waist and abdomen.

Chest muscle-comprehensive strengthening: Improve chest strength, improve chest shape, and develop steel-like chest muscles.

Shoulder and arm-line shaping: strengthen upper body strength, optimize shoulder and arm lines, and have full deltoid muscles.

Back muscles – manual activation: Through manual training, the back muscles are tightened and the body is straightened.

Leg buttocks-strength breakthrough: Improve the strength of the lower body, strengthen the front and rear muscles of the legs, and stretch the muscle lines of the buttocks and legs.

3. Strength assault – suitable for groups who have a certain fitness foundation and need to further improve their strength. Through assault training, break through the core strength, and improve the overall endurance, explosive power and jumping ability.

Endurance-Assault Training: Improve muscle endurance and make the body better at endurance.

Explosive power-assault training: heavy load training, increase maximum strength, and enhance explosive power.

Jumping Strength-Assault Training: Activate and strengthen the buttocks, thighs, calves, and core clusters to enhance the explosiveness of jumping.



Exclusive exercise for men – exclusive courses for men, no equipment required, exclusive fitness program at home.

Personalized customized reminder – Unlimited customization of your own exercise time reminder table.

Comprehensive exercise plan – according to individual exercise needs, formulate scientific exercise arrangements.

Detailed exercise records – automatically synchronized records, allowing you to develop good exercise habits and build a reasonable exercise plan.

Animation Voice Guidance – Combining realistic animation and voice prompts, you can easily get free personal education.

Personal health report – record changes in body indicators and intuitively understand fitness effects.

7×4 Fitness Plan – Complete a whole month of training challenges!


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