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Harvest Town

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App Name: Harvest Town
2.7.2android  xapk Updated on 2023-07-26
Harvest Town
Harvest Town
Harvest Town
Harvest Town
The description of Harvest Town

Harvest town is a pixel-style simulation business mobile game. The game has a high degree of freedom, brings together a variety of rpg elements to create a real and interesting rural life. When you were young and went out to work, you couldn’t help but miss the fragrance of grass and sweet milk in your hometown in your old age. If you were given another chance, you would definitely choose to stay in your hometown! You slowly fell asleep with regret. When you opened your eyes, you were surprised to find that you had returned to your childhood hometown. The manor has become the most beautiful scenery in dairy cow town.


Harvest Town Functions Introduction

[Build a Farmhouse] Remove weeds, trim branches, and decorate your own cozy cottage

[Super high degree of freedom] In addition to raising chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep and horses, you can also adopt cute cats and dogs as pets, and have a more realistic farm life experience.

[Free Exploration] Various new ways to play: adventure in mysterious caves, password unlocking of treasure chests, and various small Easter eggs are waiting for you to find out.

[Rich plot] Every NPC with distinctive personality will give you an unforgettable plot experience. Choose an NPC that makes your heart beat, and join hands into a happy wedding hall.

[Interactive function] Multiplayer online horse racing and market trading, creating a real interactive platform for online players.

[Four seasons change] The scorching sun in summer and the snow in winter, and let the four seasons decorate your town;


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Additional Information

Category: games , Simulation Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-07-26

Harvest Town
Publish Date 2023-07-26
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