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App Name: NBA 2K23 MyTEAM
106.00.195648235android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-19
The description of NBA 2K23 MyTEAM

Prove yourself and showcase your talents against the best players around the world in Mycareer. Match today’s All-stars with eternal legends in my team. Build your own dynasty with Mygm, or take the NBA in a new direction with my league. Experience realistic gameplay against an NBA or WNBA team in Playnow.


Game Features:

【NBA Return】

Play 5 new NBA story modes, players can savor the history of famous NBA stars and teams.

【New Story】

Create your own player and start your college-to-NBA career journey. Can your efforts be recorded in NBA history?

【Team Mode】

Take charge of the team as general manager. Responsible for lineup management, player scouting, rookie selection, budget control and many other matters!

【Sweeping the Streets】

Players can bring their own players to the global 3-on-3 series of streetball tournaments. Upgrade your abilities and attributes to dominate the game and score your explosive winning streak. Compete against other players for a place on the leaderboard and see how far you can go on the road to championship!

【Sultiplayer Game】

Find opponents quickly and easily with the new “Quick Match” feature. Connect with other players via lan or google play games for 5 vs 5 or street basketball games.

【New Soundtrack】

It contains many golden songs of popular singers such as drake, diplo, t-pain, etc. Your basketball journey is accompanied by good songs all the way!


Mode Introduction:

1. Three threats online cooperation:

This brand new game mode will allow players to team up with friends for the first time in MyTEAM for 3v3 online cooperative play in different variations. Party mode, co-op and online competition.

2. Unlimited:

Brand new prestige levels allow players who reach the highest level to start over and unlock further rewards. Players will earn season points with each win or loss to help them progress through the ranks.

Each victory will provide the opening of a vault. Leaderboards are back and will display stats from friends and top players across the MyTEAM community. As an added bonus, the top ten players will have a special icon displayed next to their names. Players can also earn a special icon by completing all possible tiers and prestige for the season.

3. Clutch Time single player mode:

Enter the single-player mode of Clutch Time, a fast-paced mode with a 4-point line that lets you score your best starting five and compete against the AI.

4. The first card:

Players can choose between All-Stars Ja Morant, Jimmy Butler or Joel Embiid to lead their collection.

Players can play with their starter card selections in a Triple Threat game before a final decision is made. After 10 matches in any MyTEAM mode, the player will receive an Amethyst Fred Jones card of 90 stats to help his team start.

5. Exhibition:

In the exhibition, players can now send player cards outside of their 13-player roster to vacations around the world, and players will return with special rewards from missions.

6. Trophy box:

This is a new way to earn top players from each team by completing the team’s trophy boxes. Each NBA team has 15 event cards showcasing key moments in their history, and players can earn a Pink Diamond for each team.

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Category: games , Sports Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-05-19


Publish Date 2023-05-19
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