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App Name: Xender
12.6.1android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-28
The description of Xender

Xender is a cross-platform file transfer app available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. It can transfer files directly to other devices via Wi-Fi without using data cables or Bluetooth connections. The main feature of Xender is that it is fast and easy to use. It can transfer large amounts of data such as movies, music, pictures and documents in a short time. In addition, it also supports group transfer, and multiple people transfer files at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency. Xender also has some other useful functions, such as file manager, backup and restore, application manager, etc. These features make it easier for users to manage their devices and back up and restore data when necessary.


Xender function
– Xender is a software that can directly transfer files via Wi-Fi without the need for a network.
– Support the transmission of multiple file formats, such as: music, video, pictures, documents, etc.
– Can transfer between different platforms, such as: iOS, Android, Windows, etc.


Xender Features
– Xender has an extremely fast transfer speed and can transfer large files within seconds.
– Provides a simple and easy-to-use operation interface, which is very convenient to use.
– Support group transfer, you can transfer files to multiple users at the same time.


Advantages of Xender
– Xender does not require a network and can transfer files anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient.
– The transmission speed is fast, which can save the user’s time.
– Using Xender for file transfer does not require additional traffic, saving users’ traffic costs.

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Publish Date 2023-05-28
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