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Card Crawl Adventure

Card Crawl Adventure-Monster TCG Trading Card Game MOD APK Download  

App Name: Card Crawl Adventure
172android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-28
Card Crawl Adventure
Card Crawl Adventure
Card Crawl Adventure
Card Crawl Adventure
The description of Card Crawl Adventure

The latest edition of Card Crawl Adventure is a solitaire style Roguelike building card game, in which players draw a path on cards and combine them to create powerful attacks and magic spells. Not only can players experience wonderful card battles, but each battle will encounter different enemies. Use your cards to defeat your opponents, and you’ll get new items throughout the game, and get more boosts, and there are plenty of areas to explore. You can travel around the world, visit cosy pubs, fight cunning monsters, grab shiny treasures, unlock new cards, and use appropriate tactics to defeat the final BOSS.


Game Features

1. The combat performance of the cards is different. The game is also very fun to play. Let’s use the power of various cards to fight.

2. Unlock more cards, get more attribute blessings in battle, turn-based gameplay, and enjoy more classic game fun.

3. The card adventure brings you more exciting adventure fun, collect more cards for more combat experience, very exciting adventure.

4. The skill special effects of each card in the battle are different, which brings you more shocking visual impact and enjoys more special effects of skills.



Game Highlights

[Recruit heroes, build cities]

Hundreds of heroes and magic cards are waiting for you to summon, and the rich cultivation urges you to continue to fight this land full of gunpowder, build your own city and army, and climb to the top of the legend.


[Wonderful big map, diverse gameplay]

Rich battle system, relic exploration, hero trial, hero soul space, attacking castles, plundering resources and other different advent modes are enough for you to enjoy.


[Various heroes, explore the mainland]

The heroes of the five major races have their own characteristics and complement each other. Only by combining a variety of magic cards to improve their overall strength can they become the competitive king in the chaotic world of darkness.

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Additional Information

Category: Card , games Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-05-28


Card Crawl Adventure
Publish Date 2023-05-28
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