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Groove Coaster 2

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App Name: Groove Coaster 2
1.0.18android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-24
Groove Coaster 2
Groove Coaster 2
Groove Coaster 2
Groove Coaster 2
Groove Coaster 2
The description of Groove Coaster 2

Groove Coaster 2 is a 3D music rhythm game with easy controls. The players follow a music track, tapping, holding, or swiping as they pass the beat on the track. It’s easy to handle because it’s only a single track, no fingering. But it’s hard to capture every point because of the changing angle of view, and it’s very difficult to read music. The higher density of the late beat and the various twists of the track, not only test the players’ eyesight, the players also need to intuit the rhythm of the beat.


Groove Coaster 2 Game Features

1. After starting the game, there will be a punctuation point moving along the thin line on the screen, and the angle of view will be constantly changed while moving.

2. At first glance, the Groove Coaster 2 interface is simple geometric shapes with colorful color combinations.

3. The pictures are composed of well-designed geometric line segments, but it can give people the feeling of a 3D picture with a constantly rotating viewpoint, accompanied by a strong sense of speed, just like riding a roller coaster of music.

4. The way of Groove Coaster 2 is still the same as that of general audio games. Players need to touch the screen according to the rhythm of the music, and also perform operations such as dots, strokes, and dots according to different notes to play a perfect song.


Groove Coaster 2 Game Highlights

【Simple, Fun, Exciting】

Simply utilize the music for an intense and exhilarating gaming experience!

Get mesmerized by the lights and sounds of the roller coaster!


【158 total tracks! Over 850 stages! (Independent modes)】

A great compilation of music from a huge number of genres that can only be enjoyed here! Vocaloid, video games, and even original tracks commissioned from popular artists exclusively for Groove Coaster!

New tracks are added all the time!


【No touch screen required】

We’ve added original styles so you can use anything as an instrument in the game!

Sing, clap, drum at your table! Use your surroundings as musical instruments to play the game!

You can even play with multiple people, so feel free to invite friends and family to get involved!

You can still play games using the touchscreen, too.


【Now use arcade mode】

We’ve found the wildly popular arcade version of Groove Coaster in arcades across Japan!


【Cross events】

We plan to run crossover events with many characters, artists, and other games!

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Additional Information

Category: games , Music Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-05-24


Groove Coaster 2
Publish Date 2023-05-24
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