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Tears of Themis

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App Name: Tears of Themis
2.9.3android  xapk Updated on 2023-07-27
Tears of Themis
Tears of Themis
Tears of Themis
Tears of Themis
Tears of Themis
The description of Tears of Themis

The official version of Tears of Themis is a very fun love reasoning mobile game under MiHoYo. Players play the role of new lawyers in the game. In the process of solving cases, they gradually develop inextricable connections with the protagonists, and the plot begins here.


Story Background

“Accepting this entrustment, you will face a big gamble. If you win, you will become famous, and if you lose, you will never recover.”

You are just a newcomer lawyer with a bright future. In the process of solving the commission, you were accidentally involved in an unknown conspiracy.

A pile of seemingly unrelated cases hides innumerable connections.

The mastermind behind the scenes subverted the common sense of the world and completely tore up all the beautiful visions about the future.

When the truth of the incident is covered by thick fog, when the boundary between good and evil becomes blurred, when words become the weakest excuse…

When the result of hard pursuit runs counter to the world——

Would you still stick with your original choice?


Tears of Themis game features:

[Luxury voice actors create an immersive plot experience]

Massive plot texts, and specially invited first-line voice actors: Jiang Guangtao, Zhao Lu, Yang Tianxiang, Jin Xian… the most immersive game experience.

[Dynamic card face captures every heartbeat moment]

Nearly 100 exquisite dynamic card faces capture every heart-moving moment. Each dating card has a plot record on the face, engraving every bit of being with him.

[Collecting clues, exploring and revealing the truth of the story]

High-degree-of-freedom 3D on-site evidence search and interlocking analysis of evidence and testimony. You will uncover the truth through careful investigation and rigorous reasoning.

[Exclusive branch line allows you to gradually walk into his heart]

Each protagonist has an exclusive personal branch. You can explore his unknown side and step into his inner world step by step. You can also interact closely with him and feel the temperature of love with your fingertips.

[Salon creates a secret space with them]

The salon system is newly launched. Collect drawings and create furniture, build a sweet space with them step by step, and spend a warm day.


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Additional Information

Category: games , Simulation Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-07-27


Tears of Themis
Publish Date 2023-07-27
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