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App Name: Moodle
4.1.1android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-31
The description of Moodle

Moodle-Free Edition has many courses you can learn for free. Moodle online course platform supports teaching information technology, Chinese, Math, English and other classroom content learning. Users can learn online and offline anytime and anywhere, and it supports to receive messages, take notes in class, and receive a lot of content in a timely manner, so that you will not miss any information. It can also measure how active users and students are online.


Moodle Features

· Text can be edited and used here, making your overall use easier and faster;

· The use of the course is also very simple and functional design, which helps users to carry out more convenient operation design;

· User configuration design is also very comprehensive, there are forums, quizzes, voting and other functions;

· The writing of the log is also very convenient, and the activities of users and students can be counted online.

· Users can customize their own grading grade design for grading on forums and homework;

· You can edit various courses, and it has a calendar function design to help you edit better;



Moodle Highlights

Track your progress – view your grades, check course progress and browse your study plan

Stay up to date – receive instant notifications of messages and other events, such as assignment submissions

Easy access to course content – browse course content even offline

Submit assignments – upload images, audio, video and other files from your mobile device

Connect with Course Participants – Quickly find and connect with other people in your course

Complete various activities anytime, anywhere – try quizzes, post in forums, play with SCORM packages, edit wiki pages, etc. – online and offline.




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Additional Information

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Publish Date 2023-05-31
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