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My Talking Angela

my talking angela  

App Name: My Talking Angela android  xapk Updated on 2023-07-24
My Talking Angela
My Talking Angela
My Talking Angela
My Talking Angela
The description of My Talking Angela

Welcome to the gorgeous world of “My Talking Angela”! Adopt your own virtual pet Angela and give her a wonderful life! You have to take care of her and help her grow from a baby cat to a beautiful adult cat! Dress Angela in the latest and cutest fashions and outfits, and give her the most amazing hair. Download the challenge.


My Talking Angela Game Features

1. Complete cultivation system:

From baby Angela’s birth to growth, every step is inseparable from your careful care. If you don’t do well, she will show emotions such as hunger, sleepiness, and boredom.

2. Personalized dress up:

Choose from more than 1,000 fur colors, hairstyles, outfits and patio decorations, decorate baby Angela’s home according to your preferences, and collect cool stickers.

3. Entertainment system:

7 mini games are waiting for you to challenge. Have fun with your baby Angela.


How to play

1. Raising your Angela:

Adopt adorable baby Angela and help her grow into a stylish urban cat beauty. She is totally yours!

2. Get creative:

You are charismatic, so give Angela a gorgeous life too! Upgrade and personalize her den and wardrobe in tons of different ways. Let everything be as you want it to be!

3. Play cross-dressing:

Let your fabulous sense of fashion shine by dressing up Angela to your heart’s content; dress up Angela with trendy fashions and accessories, and apply makeup to match her outfits.

4. Choose where she lives:

Pick your favorite location for Angela’s home from tons of options and customize the view from her awesome patio.

5. Play games:

Discover and play cool new mini games!

6. Collect stickers:

Find and collect hundreds of virtual stickers, each featuring a brand new photo of Angela, for your very own super special album. You can even sell stickers to other players to complete entire albums.

7. Get exclusive clothing:

Collect special stickers and unlock new exclusive outfits to make Angela shine in them.

8. Play with Angela:

Angela has real emotion, so treat her well! Interact with her on screen and watch how she responds to you. You can talk to her, sing to her, and she will repeat everything you say!

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Additional Information

Category: Casual , games Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-07-24

My Talking Angela
Publish Date 2023-07-24
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