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App Name: NBA LIVE
7.2.00android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-26
The description of NBA LIVE

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is developed by EA, the world’s leading game developer and publisher, and soon became the No. 1 player in the North American App Store. It adheres to the real production concept of the host side, uses Mocap technology to depict players’ dunk movements, simulates the real game feel of 5V5. And the game is updated with real NBA games throughout the year, bringing you the original NBA carnival. Quickly form a team league with friends, conquer basketball fans from all over the world, and together create your own legend!


NBA LIVE Game Features:

1. Freestyle Air control system: In addition to the new slam dunk action, the amazing alley-oop slam dunk, the dribbling layup and slam dunk that can be adjusted in mid-air, etc. You can also use more when defending Cover the hot pot skills and beat the opponent to shame!

2. NBA Star Weekend: Whether it’s a slam dunk contest or a three-point shootout contest, prove your strength in every star game full of dynamic charm!

3. Brand new image engine: Improve the resolution of players’ facial features, jerseys, shorts, skins and body tattoos!

4. Control system: Allows you to control the players more freely, showing a series of free-style control combos, all the way on the field!

5. Freely capture the movements of ten basketball players: the animations inserted and edited during the game are quite smooth and vivid, including the conflict plot of the two sides attacking from the bottom line to the basket, flying into mid-air, and a new offensive and defensive battle when confronting the basket, Animations for off-ball players, etc.

6. More in-depth dynasty mode: Become a design master, build your indestructible basketball dynasty, and make the dynasty more prosperous and prosperous after 25 seasons!

7. First-class broadcasting team: Marv Albert, the indispensable voice of NBA games, and Mike Fratello, a famous TV personality, will broadcast live together, and will present the most exciting commentary feast for players!




NBA LIVE Gameplay:

In the game, players can obtain players of many different qualities, which are mainly divided into four qualities: bronze card players, silver card players, gold card players and elite players (red card). The players’ rating will increase in turn, and the ability value will also increase as the rating increases.


【Access to players】

Players buy card packs in the store and can draw cards. Different cards contain players of different qualities in varying quantities.

Player cards of all qualities can be obtained in professional card packs. Of course, the chance of obtaining the rarest elite players is very small, and players need to work harder to obtain them.

In addition to the way of drawing card packs, players can obtain collections by participating in various online events, and use the collections for corresponding synthesis, and they can also obtain their favorite elite players, elite coaches and other items.


【Player ability】

The ability values of each player are not balanced, which means that they have different abilities.

For example, the elite player Kevin Durant has relatively average scores in various abilities, which means that his ability development is more comprehensive. But at the same time, he has a slight advantage in outside shooting.

Only by being good at giving full play to the strengths of each player can they give full play to their abilities. As long as it is used properly, even a low-level player can play a better game than an upper-level player.


【Player upgrade and training】

The players’ rating is not fixed, as long as you upgrade your favorite player, you can improve the player’s rating.

After the player clicks on the player information interface in My Team, they can see the option of “training players”.

Training players requires corresponding experience points, and the acquisition of upgrade experience points needs to consume training points.

After the upgrade, the player’s attributes will be improved accordingly, and with the improvement of the players’ level, the experience value required for each upgrade will also increase, requiring players to use more training points as upgrade materials.

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Publish Date 2023-05-26
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