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The Ants

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App Name: The Ants
3.21.0 android  xapk Updated on 2023-07-19
The Ants
The Ants
The Ants
The Ants
The description of The Ants

The Ants is a very popular simulation business development mobile game. The game is built with advanced 3D engine technology, which truly depicts the picture of the real virtual world. The whole game has a strong sense of integration, coupled with the novel theme of ants, and it will definitely bring players an interesting adventure trip.


The Ants game features

【Build an ant nest】

Nest planning is an important strategy for the development of an ant country. You need to scientifically build underground ant nests, dig ant tunnels, and build your ideal ant country!

【Breeding ant colony】

The number of colonies represents the rise and fall of an ant family. For the development and glory of the ant country, you must increase the number of ant colonies as much as possible, lead them to resist foreign enemies, compete for resources, and expand their power!

【Mutated Ant】

In order to compete for resources and expand your power, you must form a powerful ant team. And in a strong team, in addition to many high-level soldier ants, mutant ants are also needed to lead the team.

【Form an alliance】

Create or join an alliance, help each other, develop together, and kill the enemy together! With the help of the alliance, the ant kingdom under your command will surely occupy a place at the top of the ant world!


How to change the region

If the player wants to change the server, they only need to exit the current server and choose a new server, but the data of the players will not be preserved. If the player’s friends are using the Apple system, they cannot play on the same server even if they change regions, because the Apple and Android servers are separate.


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Additional Information

Category: games , Simulation , Strategy Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-07-19

The Ants
Publish Date 2023-07-19
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