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App Name: Deemo
5.0.4android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-24
The description of Deemo

Deemo is a music rhythm leisure game created by the original team of Rea. The game uses the ink painting style on the screen, and then reacts with the black and white keys. The music is dancing between black and white, and there is no dialogue in the plot, which shows the powerful charm of ink painting and silent plot.


Deemo Game Features

【Moving story worth weeping】

Accompany Deemo to wander in the charming plot of modern fairy tales, adapted from real stories in Taiwan, telling the story of the little black deemo using the beautiful piano sound to make the old tree grow taller, and send the little girl who fell into the tree hole home. A music game with a story that moves people to tears.


【A large number of free song packs are open】

Explore the scene, piece together plot clues, obtain hidden elements in the game, and unlock more tracks as the game progresses. There are as many as 40 free story songs, and a total of more than 110 songs are included.


【New quality piano music】

Collect original musicians’ songs from all over the world, and use the classic falling sound game to restore the most perfect and realistic playing sound of piano keys.


How to unlock hidden songs

Hidden track – Invite:

This song is hidden in the shop of Miss Mask. First, we need to play a few times to open the room on the left side of the main screen.

Click a little below the tablecloth, and the girl will say, there seems to be something, pull it out and have a look, then get the sailor suit, and start the new track Invite.


Hidden Tracks – RunGoRun:

This track can only be opened after the fourth plot. After reading the main screen of the plot, the tree becomes a big tree, and then continue to the room on the left.

Click the treasure chest in the room, you will find that the lock of the treasure chest is loose, and you can get Deemo’s treasure, the new track RungoRUN.


Hidden Tracks – Electron:

This song can be found in the room on the right side of the main interface after your tree grows to 10 meters and you start a new story. After entering the room, click the wheel on the ground to get it. I believe players can find it.


Hidden Tracks – YawningLion:

For this song, after your tree grows to 14 meters, enter the room on the right and you will find glass slag on the ground. Click it to get this song. This is a very nice piano piece played by V.K.


Hidden track – Pulse:

For this track, when your tree grows to 15 meters, after touching the big tree on the main interface several times, the little girl will say that touching the trunk feels like a heartbeat, and then get this song.

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Additional Information

Category: games , Music Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-05-24


Publish Date 2023-05-24
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