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1.8android  xapk Updated on 2023-05-18
The description of Granny

Granny Games is a puzzle and escape horror game designed by the producer of the Landrina River Horror series, and for those with heart problems, please download carefully! The puzzle elements in the game are rich in design. The main play of the game is that you must escape the house within 5 days, or you will be brutally killed by the old grandmother! It sounds like the rules are very simple, but in fact the game is extremely difficult. There are a lot of small objects and props in the scene. These items may get you into trouble, but you can also use these items to attract grandma’s attention and escape.


Items Introduction

1. [Hammer] Knock on the wooden boards of the gate, the camera on the third floor and the wooden boards on the third floor. The wooden boards are used to build bridges.

2. [Handle] is installed on the well, and the things in the well can be shaken up.

3. [Pliers] Cut the mechanism of the gate, the wires of the electric box on the first floor, and the wires of the fan on the third floor.

4. [Watermelon] Put it on the guillotine and cut it off, and you can get the things hidden in the watermelon.

5. [Teddy Bear] will attract grandma or put it in the crib on the third floor to trigger the paintball.

6. [Shotgun] consists of three props. The production site is in the garage. You can pick up bullets and load them. Hitting grandma can make grandma disappear for two minutes.

7. [Crossbow] obtained by opening the weapon box with the key of the weapon box. The anesthesia needle used is used as ammunition. After firing it, it can hit grandma and make grandma stand still for two minutes. Of course, after the anesthetic is used up, it can be used again. We can shoot it down The light on the stairs on the first floor, with a key in it.


Gameplay Skills

1. You need to go to other rooms to search for tools when grandma can’t see you. There is an alarm in the room and you have to stop it first. The opening of the door on the first floor is very complicated, and it requires patience and careful understanding of the terrain to avoid the grandmother. This is not a Voldemort game, this is a chasing battle. Among the three difficulties, hard, normal, and easy, grandma can’t catch up with you. Even if it’s hell difficulty, you can still hide from grandma.

2. The things in the game are randomly refreshed, so you can open a few more to get some artifacts first (the refresh positions of some key props remain unchanged).

3. Players can find weapons to fight, such as anesthesia needles, which can anesthetize her for a minute. During this period, you can waste time, but don’t go too far. Anesthesia needles can be retrieved and reused. There will be hidden doors in the house, and different rooms can be accessed according to the difficulty.

4. Don’t be afraid of the scary grandma. You have to treat her as your own family member and look directly at her so that you will not be afraid of her.


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Additional Information

Category: Adventure , Arcade , games , Puzzle Publisher: Unknow Requirements: Andriod 5.0+ Publish Date: 2023-05-18


Publish Date 2023-05-18
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