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App Name: Snapseed  xapk Updated on 2023-05-17
The description of Snapseed

Snapseed has a variety of built-in styles, including portrait, glossy, pop, accent, fade, morning, bright, artistic, highlight, structure, and silhouette. And you can save your personal style for later use. Snapseed has a variety of image processing tools, including adjusting images (brightness, contrast, highlight, tone, etc.), highlighting details, curves, white balance, crop, rotate, view, expand, part, brush, repair, HDR landscape, and more. If you like it, please download it.



RAW Develop – open and fine-tune RAW camera files; save files losslessly or export as JPG

Adjust pictures – adjust exposure and color automatically, or manually with precise control

Highlight details – bring out the surface structure of the picture

Crop – Crop the picture to a standard size or freely crop it as you want

Rotate – Rotate pictures by 90°, or straighten skewed pictures relative to the horizon

Perspective – Correct skewed lines and make horizons or buildings more geometric

White Balance – adjust the colors to make the picture look more natural

Brushes – locally adjust exposure, saturation, brightness or color temperature

Local adjustment – the well-known “control point” technique: set up to 8 points on the picture, then specify the beautification effect, and then leave the rest of the work to the algorithm

Glamor Glow – Add a glamorous glow to your pictures, perfect for fashion or portrait shots

Tonal Contrast – locally enhances detail in shadows, midtones and highlights

HDR Landscape – create multiple exposure effects to make your pictures stand out

Dramatic Effects – Add an apocalyptic vibe to your pictures

Mottled – Through strong style special effects and texture overlay, the picture presents an avant-garde effect

Grainy Film – Creates a modern film look with realistic grain

Retro – Gives the picture the look and feel of a color film that was popular in the 1950s, 60s or 70s

Retrolux – Give pictures a nostalgic feel with light leaks, scratches, film-style and more

Black and White Film – Give pictures a black and white film look with realistic grain effects and a “whitewash” effect

Black and White – Create classic black and white photos inspired by the darkroom

Photo Frames – Add resizable photo frames to pictures

Double Exposure – Inspired by film shooting and digital image manipulation, it offers multiple blending modes so you can easily blend two images

BEAUTY – Brighten the eyes, brighten the face or rejuvenate the skin

Facial Pose – adjusts the pose of a portrait based on a 3D model

Fix – Remove uninvited guests in group photos

Vignette – Adds soft shadows to the corners of the picture, creating a beautiful effect similar to shooting with a wide aperture

Text – add artistic or plain text to your text (38 preset styles)

Curves – Precisely control the brightness levels in your photos

Expand – increase the size of the canvas and intelligently fill the new space with image content

Lens Blur – Adds a bokeh effect (background softening) to pictures to make them more aesthetically pleasing, ideal for portraiture

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Publish Date 2023-05-17
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